The Los Gatos Anti-Racism Coalition (LGARC) mobilizes people and resources in and outside of the community to fight for a better world.

Rental Assistance Program Launch!

Exorbitant rents in Los Gatos and across the Bay Area have forced many renters to live check-to-check. It is often a short-term complication like unemployment or a medical emergency that can lead to renters facing a potential eviction. A few hundred dollars can make the difference between a person or a family focusing on stabilizing their situation or being thrown out in the streets.

For this reason, in June 2023, we launched our Rental Assistance Program. Our program will provide support to those who need a few hundred dollars to fill that gap. 

The program is currently live! Please click on the link below to learn more.

Who Are We?

The Los Gatos Anti-Racism Coalition (LGARC) mobilizes members of our community to fight for concrete and anti-racist change. We envision the graduates from our schools to possess a functional understanding of systemic racism in history, literature, and our daily lives. We envision a larger role for unarmed and specialized social workers in public safety and a smaller role for armed police officers. 

We envision a world where people from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds can not only afford to live here, but also feel like they belong here. Founded in July 2020 during an anti-racism protest held at Los Gatos High School, LGARC is a gathering place for those who seek justice in a currently unjust world, both in and outside of Los Gatos. The best time to effectively teach social justice, overhaul the police, and promote socioeconomic and racial diversity was decades ago. The next best time is now.

What We Do

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The Salon

We don't cut hair. But we do facilitate intellectual discussions through the publication of articles. Please contact us if you are interested in publishing your work!

Community Support

LGARC' has a number of ongoing project. Most recently, it launched an emergency rental assistance program to prevent evictions.


LGARC actively mobilizes members of the community to advocate for affordable housing, police reform, and anti-racist curriculum. We refuse to be silent.