As we all understand, this is a critical time for people to mobilize for the long haul, to work toward a more just community, and to fight for justice in and out of town. With you and many others like you, we will fight systemic racism with solidarity. Because our opposition has been poorly coordinated, we have dominated the discourse in politics, established key allies in our town government and education system, and reclaimed our streets from counter protesters. This is a prime time to assert and solidify our presence. And we very much appreciate that you want to take part. Thank you for taking the initiative to join and help LGARC in its fight for justice!


  1. An email that you check on a frequent basis. 
  2. A phone number. 
  3. (Optional) Join our Facebook page: “Los Gatos Anti-Racism Coalition” 

Step 1:

Provide your name, email, and phone number to an LGARC member either through filling out the form on this website or by following our social media (e.g. Instagram message to our page @antiracismlg). They’ll enter your information into our contact list. 

Step 2: 

Await emails/texts. You will receive an email from a coalition member within a few days of providing your contact information with some introductory information on our organization. Once every two weeks, you’ll be invited to LGARC meetings on Zoom via email and texts.

Step 3:

Attend LGARC meetings on Zoom and see what needs to be done! There are three main purposes to these meetings: (1) to strategize and plan, (2) to provide updates on existing projects, and (3) to delegate tasks. 

In LGARC, you should expect to be assigned something to do. These tasks range from collecting information, contacting officials, to project creation and leadership. We value consistency of effort over intensity.

If each member pitches in a little bit each week, the cumulative effect of our effects will become very visible over the course of 52 weeks, 104 weeks, and so on. LGARC was founded on this principle of sustained and consistent pressure on culture and political institutions to drive change. 


Q: I don’t live in Los Gatos. Can I still participate in the coalition?
A: Absolutely! The coalition is open to everyone. The most we can ask of people is what they are able to contribute.

Q: Are there any qualifications required to join?
A: There are no formal qualifications.

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