Our Philosopy

LGARC does not restrict itself to any specific strategy or tactic. We have organized protests, endorsed candidates for town council, and collaborated with school officials on reforming curriculum in history and literature. There is, however, a common thread behind all of our actions: we mobilize members of the community to place pressure on those who occupy positions of power. Pressure can be understood both as criticism of the status quo and encouragement to change. As a result, we are willing to work with anyone as long as we see a benefit to do so. 


For instance, after sustained pressure from the local protests, the LGARC in Town Council meetings, and private conversations with Town Council members, Los Gatos’ government held three publicly held “Community Conversations” on police, affordable housing, and culture. These publicly held conversations served a critical function in legitimizing previously unspoken proposals, such as reallocating funds from Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department and building upon Los Gatos’ flawed affordable housing program. 

On the other hand, our philosophy of action is one that avoids strictly performative demonstrations. We are not here to virtue signal that we are morally superior; we are here to affect genuine change in our community to leave it better than we found it.