And Why You Should Support It!

For the Los Gatos Anti-Racism Coalition (LGARC), we feel that access to affordable housing is deeply connected to our mission of anti-racism. If this connection is not yet clear that is completely understood; we plan on publishing additional articles on this topic. Suffice to say, our country and our community have a long history of racial housing discrimination, and affordable housing helps to rectify that troubling past. 


Los Gatos' Jeff Suzuki Leads Curriculum Reform In Home Town

The ex-Fisher Middle School academic standout helped start the Los Gatos Anti-Racism Coalition, and the group has emerged as a force.

Trump supporters dominated public comment in a meeting a week after an anti-Asian hate crime in Los Gatos.


The Anti-Racism Coalition aims to address systemic racism and serve as a forum to discuss social justice issues and mobilize for action.

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