Rental Assistance Program

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Our Rental Assistance Program is Live!

LGARC members started this program with the recognition that the housing crisis is further gentrifying the Bay Area, rendering it less socioeconomically and racially diverse. The high and rising rents have led many to live precariously check-to-check. A single complication, such as a layoff or an unexpected expenditure, can potential force a person to miss rent and face a potential eviction.  

As a result, in June 2023, LGARC launched its Rental Assistance Program to provide emergency support to those on the verge of eviction. 

The program is currently live and is prepared to provide $300 to 500 of rental assistance to individuals and families.


Applying for Rental Assistance

LGARC may provide you with 300 to 500 dollars of rental assistance in the following circumstances:

(1) You have recently received an eviction notice.

(2) You are unemployed.

(3) You have had to meet an extraordinary, non-routine expenditure recently. Medical services and car accidents are examples of such expenditures.

(4) Your landlord has decided to raise rent on you unexpectedly, leading to a budget shortfall for this month or next month.

If any of the above conditions apply to you, please send an email to and/or text 408-391-6339 with a brief explanation of your circumstances. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

This program aims to provide assistance to people of all backgrounds. Note that this program is not exclusive to residents of Los Gatos. This program is open to everyone in the Bay Area.